War BrewingIn more amusing things happening today, Cruncher is currently in war with Jake to see who can get the most pictures of Tradewars players. What makes this funny is that this war has no point! Cruncher gets a new picture which is immediately stolen by Jake and vice versia. If you take a look at Cruncher’s page, you might find a picture of me with my friend Karen. (Soon to appear on Jake’s page also, I’m sure.)

Tradewars 2002 Web Ring

For those of you who have noticed, a Tradewars 2002 Web Ring graphic has been at the bottom of my page for about a day or so. Gypsy Just started the TW2002 Web Ring a few days ago, and ten sites were asked to join. (Yours truelly is one of them) If you were invited, your mail should be in it’s box. If not, don’t worry.

Gypsy has informed me that new sites can send in applications to join, but will not be considered to join until the “founding members” have been assembled and gotten a few things squared away. The reason behind this is that the Web Ring will only have high Quality sites as part of it’s ring. These are the known sites that were asked to join:

The Home SectorSlacker’s Guide to TradeWars 2002
Tradewars Web Page Union – Family Entertainment
Gypsy’s War RoomThe War Room BBS
TWAR: The Tradewars 2002 HelperRippers BBS

It’s also suspected that The Tradewars v3 Homepage and Martech Software‘s homepage were also asked to join. You can visit the Web Ring’s site by the links at the bottom of this page.