You certainly can’t build Rome in a day, and I certainly couln’t have built it at all without some help. This page is dedicated to people who I owe my sinceriest Gratitude for.

Shlonglor While his legendary Warcraft 2 page is no longer up, more than a few ideas were taken from his page and implemented here. I can only hope that I can implement more ideas of my own, but until then, My thanks!Eleqtrizi’T Without Eleq, I would have never have taken the initive to set up this site! Along with providing some graphics, he’s given me a great amount of moral support and is still a backbone in this site.

Starr Originally came up with the concept of having a tradewars website specifically for listing pages. While there were a few flaws in the page, (Most notiably frames 🙂 the Tradewars Consortium is what the listings page is baised off of.

Brandy’s Web Design Emporium More than a few graphics were borrowed off here, and in Return I provide a link.

Not completely finished, so if your not listed, don’t gripe just yet.