John Pritchett has just released a small bug fix for the DOS version of Tradewars. Straight from John, Here’s what it does:

The main bug it addresses is the Alien record bug. Whenever itruns, it looks for Aliens with maxed Corbomite and reinitializes thoserecords. Everytime a player kills an alien, the game creates a new onewith the maxed Corb. That means to keep up with that problem, you’llneed to run the repair program at least once a day. I don’t see aproblem with running it as the start-up or close-down of each gamesession. Just add it to the batch file before or after the game runs.You can also capture the output to a file so you can keep an eye on whatchanges are being made. If you’re not familiar with this, you followthe program with > to send output to a file, and >> to append output toa file. Also, not all situations reported are repaired. I’m going tomake a change where it says “fixed” or “not fixed”. That way somesituations that it can’t automatically repair can be addressed in TEDITby the sysop.

Currently, the patch can only be found in our files section.