If you haven’t been keeping up on your TW2002 eGroups postings then you wouldn’t know that Eleq has started a Trade Wars 2002 SETI@home group (image link on the left menu bar). So far there are 7 members including myself. Join now, it’s free and the software can be set to run only when the screensaver is active or you may let it run all of the time. Help in the search for E.T. life out there!

The News Archives page is up and running. I have decided the the two latest posts in each update section here on the main page will remain and all others shall go to the archives page. At the beginning of every new month I will compile the news from the previous month and make a seperate page for each month to keep the load time down in on the main archives page. If you’ve been to the EIS Support Forum, you will know what I mean…the archives system will be similar to the EIS forum archives. Thanks to MacAhan I have my CGI forum up and going, but it still needs some customization work done before I put it up. Things should be done and ready to go by the end of the weekend.