Today is my wife’s birthday, and next week is mine. So, to celebrate I am going to agressively pursue some donations for the next few weeks. I have a Pay-pal account now, and you can set one up quite easily at You even get $5 dollars just for signing up (send that to me, too :D)

I am looking for all those appreciative people who always write me about how great I am, how great my server is, and how pretty my momma is, to send their contribution to the most popular server on the internet. I’ve been doing this for a year and a half now, and have done it out of my own expenses for all that time.

Need more reasons to donate? How about these…

-A 1,600 Megahertz, dual-Pentium-3 monster to run a TWGS, paid for by yours truly.

-A website with great content. Most of the information is completely unique and found nowhere else. Strategy, information, and…

-SCRIPTS! Don’t forget, The Home Sector got the ZOC revolution rolling.

-TWGS Development. By helping the Home Sector, you are helping EIS indirectly. We have been a Beta site ever since we opened. Testing the latest and greatest patches before anyone else. As we speak, even though it’s not displayed, our players are in a version .36 candidate.

-Trade Wars Focus Point. Let’s face it, great players gather at The Home Sector. No where is the competition so strong.

-World TradeWars Championship. Hosting what is probably agreed to be the single hardest, most exciting, universally loved tournament ever. And next year’s will be that much better! IF you’re a WTC player, maybe you could show some appreciation :D.

I’ve managed to not toot my own horn too much the past few months, but this is a special occassion. I easily spend 1-3 hrs on my server each day. I answer up to 20 emails a day, countless ICQ’s, help out in two different forums to get other sysops up and running and to get players the knowledge they seek. I guess what I’m trying to say is this… I just don’t see ANYONE working as hard as I am for this community.

Another round of thanks goes to The Home Sector’s current donors.. Bad Girl, Speedy, Barnhill, Big D, Timberwolf.