The TWGS Updates page is now up. I’ve also contacted John Pritchett of EIS and got his approval to be an official mirror for the new releases of TWGS beginning with v1.01.36. My updates page is basically what you will find on the EIS site, except that I’ll try to keep up with new bugs and problems and keep those updated on the page also. I am going to begin work on the TRADEWARS.WS TWGS page. It will contain the game settings, etc. of all of the games that the server will have when it launches. I have found a couple of temporary hosting solutions for the server for right now and it shouldn’t be long until it goes online.

The Strategy section of the site will be offline for the time being while I write the material that will be presented.

The rest of the menu options (Server List, Sysop Donations, File Vault, and About Us) should be finished by the end of the night or tomorrow sometime. Keep checking back.

Will people ever learn to keep their bleedin’ arguments out of eGroups? If you are subscribed to the TW2002 eGroup, you’ll know what I’m talkin’ about. It seems that those that started the whole flame war have dropped out and it has moved on to new contestants and become something completely off-subject (as usual) <SIGH> It will never end…oh well, it’s kinda fun to watch <G>. Amazingly, no one has tried to (unsuccessfully) unsubcribe from the group, which happens just about everytime a flame war begins. Get those filters ready…you’re gonna need ’em!