First of all I want to thank EleqTrizi’T for posting TRADEWARS.WS on the Home Sector’s site update list and for the recognition that he has given his donors and also game winners at Home Sector.Second of all, there has been a lot of talk in the TW2002 eGroup lately about the restructuring of the TWLeague‘s points system for next year. They are also appointing a new board member to replace Lithe, with the possibility of adding two more board members in the near future. If you have any good ideas for the League, visit their web site and let them know! Any help or suggestions are appreciated and at least considered!

Don’t forget that Klink’s World is banging it’s fourth new game tonight at 5:00PM Eastern! Make sure you check it out! The other three games on the server are also brand new and only a three days old at most! (telnet://

As you may have noticed, I kicked the number of updates for each section here on the main page to one. I may be adding yet another update section in the near future, but that remains to be seen for the moment. Either way, this makes reading (and editing) the main page much easier. I added links to the specific archives for each update section right below the main header here on the main page as well. That way when the archives page begins to fill up you can find what you’re looking for a little faster. If anyone has any ideas that you would like me to add to the site, drop me a line and I’ll take them into consideration.

I’ve been adding some things here and there to the subsequent pages. The TWGS page has been updated with a tentative game list for its launch sometime in the near future. I’m still working on the TWPA page and I also have another pretty big project that I’m going to work on for the site. This second project will probably not be completed until later this Fall. Just a heads up on the site’s future.