As she steps up on her new soap box, looks around and says…Ever hear the saying “Beating a Dead Horse to Death?” Well if your a member of E-groups then you have been bombarded with mail from a couple of people that have the 3 B Syndrome…Babble, Bicker, Boring! I think it is time we all unite and attack these people who dont know when to shut up or go private and remove there DELETE key and then spam the heck out of them. Or maybe they should make a rule that you can only post twice a day and no more then 50 words…sorry Timber I know that rule would hurt you also, but its time to get UGLY here! WOW! I just noticed that Mana had my initals monogrammed on this Soap Box in Pleather mind you…what a guy! Anyways, I feel strongly as many others do that if you want to sit and write back and forth calling each other names, bitching, dissecting each others body parts, etc that you take it to private mail or set up another e-group forum. I know everyone likes an audience but this crowd is tired of the stale popcorn and flat sodas…yes Guard that is S-O-D-A and not pop!