Well lets see what is going on in the TW world. Egroups has been flooded to death with flame wars. And what was that Walmart shit you put in Egroups, Timber? We have lost some egroups subscribers…still wiping the tears after our beloved Mana made a quick stage left exit…

Eleq would like to thank all those who sent flowers to his untimely Bote death. The Eulogy given by Naz left the Church of the Later Day Twarriors with not a dry eye in it. We will miss Eleq but he will be reincarnated at HHT!

Speaking of the HHT…Come on people!!!! Sign up those teams TODAY! As of now only 2 teams have signed up 5 Bad Guys and a Bad Girl and Karma. Don’t be lame sign up today and kick some booty!

I was reading egroups today..or should I say wading thru the messages and saw that Barnhill brought the PODBAT out of retirement. I dont think I have seen that in 3 years. If you havent seen his PODBAT…check out Crunchers page of pics I believe you can see Barney and his PODBAT!

Well Timber is taking down his server. Nope Timber is putting it back up. Nope Timber is taking down his server. Nope Timber is thinking of getting DSL and putting it back up…Stay tune to the Timber saga of will the DEN stay or go!

Last but not least if you havent checked out Fuseblown’s page..please do it is done very well. The addy is WWW.TRADEWARS.WS

OK this is the last thing can we stop having all those damn polls in egroups, I feel like I am being stalked by Gallop!