The Den officially shut down today. I want to commend Timberwolf on running an enjoyable server and hopefully the Den will return in the near future.Another reminder to reserve your rooms at the Excalibur for the TW Convention from October 20-22! Rooms are going fast and air fares are going up…don’t wait too long to book your trip or you will miss out on the first annual Trade Wars 2002 Convention! All the cool people will be there!!

I should be receiving a list of nominees for the open board member position for the Trade Wars League. That information will be posted on the TW League page here at TRADEWARS.WS.

I will be working on the TW League section of the site tonight and it should be completed and active before midnight EST. Not much site news today, I’ve been real busy at work with our company’s new web site launch, so I haven’t had the chance to come up with any new clever ideas <G>. Oh I do have a volunteer for co-sysop and he will probably get the position. Darth Vader from my old corporation NAV HAZ UNLTD. on the Pisces Network is going to be setting up a Star Wars game for the server launch sometime late next week. It will replace the ‘Red Alert’ game that I was going to bang previously. Be on the lookout for that!

EleqTrizi’T has posted a review of the newest version of ATTAC which now has graphical mapping AND supports REXX scripting!! Check out Eleq’s review for more information!

Silver Wings is banging an every man for himself game called ‘Top Gun’ tonight at 8:00PM CST. They are giving away prizes to the trader who can withstand the competition.