EleqTrizi’T has posted some very interesting news over at Home Sector. TW account crackers, BEWARE! Word is there have been hack attacks happening recently and still occurring up until this weekend.The ‘Top Gun’ game over at Silver Wings is now underway. I decided to be a part of the game and must say that I’m having fun playing. I haven’t been playing games that much recently, so it’s something to help me get back on my feet. Even though I died today while SSM’ing and making my dinner at the same time (big mistake), I think I’ll stick with it until I use my other three lives.

Only a month until the Haunted Halloween Tournament! Does anyone have the ballz to stand up to the already signed up competition of KARMA and Rolo’s crew?

The TW League section is up, I got some information there…I will add the rest when I get back Sunday night or on Monday morning. I will be in PA for the rest of today and most of tomorrow/tomorrow night, so things will be slow here at TRADEWARS.WS until I get back.