– Past Words of the Day SHOW ME DA MONEY: Big D, Webmaster of Silver Wings, this is what he calls a “donation”! Example: Show me da money and I will let you play on my server. (Bad Girl)

TIMBERWOLFED: The immediate plugging your server via advertisement or “reminder” following someone else’s game announcement in an attempt to divert users attention to your system. Example: Sg timberwolfed my game announcement with info about HHT… (Andrew Wyatt)

ENERGIZER BUNNYISM: A post or topic in e-groups that causes the message responses to go on and on and on and on! (NIGHTWING)

ELEQTRIQSIDE: The ability to photon pass huge amount of figs and slide into enemy territory and cause great destruction with just a little trizi’T, all this while DISCO music plays in the background! (Eleqtrizi’T)

PODLEM: The inability to see what most ships look like on the inside for any long period of time. Most players with “PODLEM” only see the escape pod or worse a scout. (Hekate)

TYPO FIASCO: You mean to type in a sector to warp to…say 1001..and you accidently type in 1010 and BOOM! You suddenly contract Ghostitis! (Timberwolf)

GHOSTITIS: The ability to live comfortably in a small space for a long period of time. Example: Space Ghost attracts GHOSTITIS within 20 min. of entering a game with his desire to live in a POD!

WHITE CANING KABOOM: When you tell a fellow teammate to blindwarp to a certain sector and you forget to lift up your fig. Example: BG leaves fig down then tells her evil on another corp to blindwarp! (Eleqtrizi’T)

DISCO’D: Disconnected at an inopportune moment, bad timing or as in a John Travolta dance Step. (Lord Chaos)

SELF-HAZARDIZATION: Running in to a Level 3 or above planet and blowing ones self to pieces..Example: Morpheus should have stopped for that RED light! (Lady Ice & Lord Chaos)

REVERSED POLARITY: a Blue who attacks another Blue in an ISS and goes Red. Example: Guardian did the cross dressing ..oops cross over today when he attacked and killed Space Ghost. (Lord Chaos)

Bi-Alignment: TW players who play red and blue equally well. An example is Artemis is Bi! (Lord Chaos)