I’m back from my weekend in Pennsylvania…only a few things at the moment to update on…Only three corps signed up for the Haunted Halloween Tournament…Wolfpack just sent in a team! Come on folks what’s the problem here?? There are about two or three other corporations that will be registering a team for sure…is it going to be a low turnout? Will BK come back to defend their title? I guess we’ll have to see!

People are apparently complaining about next year’s TW2002 Convention being held in Virginia Beach, VA. I don’t see anyone else taking the time to sort all of this out, find hotels, and try to keep everyone from waiting until the last minute to sign up like Bad Girl, Eleq, and Cruncher have. Some of you have no real right to be complaining. Not sure what this year’s convention will turn out like, but I’m sure it will be fun no matter what. If it happens to be a bad event, then I’m sure next year’s will be better! Have faith people, come on. If you have a problem with locations, etc., then host your own TW meeting…or wait for the TWPA to start up (hint, hint).

Also, another thing about whiners…Hekate made a very good point. If most of you hadn’t waited until the last minute to book flights and reserve hotel rooms, they would not be so expensive. This convention has been planned for about a year now, if not more. Six months ago, the entire trip probably would have cost about a quarter of the price, give or take a little. Next year’s convention *WILL* be in Virginia Beach. Get your rooms and flights now, or start saving and pick em up in six months and you won’t have this problem next year.