Now that I’m back I began work on the TWGS Games page. This page contains the tentative game descriptions for the upcoming games to be hosted on the TRADEWARS.WS TWGS! I was having major connection troubles from home, so I didn’t get much else done. The September News Archives are now gone from the main News Archives page and moved to its own.Since people seem to be complaining about locations of the future conventions and not being able to make it to this year’s, I’m going to be working harder to complete the Trade Wars Players’ Association page. This should help take care of some of the whining that has been occurring recently. I finally have more free time once again now that I’ve launched the new web site at my place of employment last week, which was taking up almost all of my spare time in the evenings during the week. Things should start to happen a little quicker now…and I will also be participating in more TW games…and maybe even playing them out <gasp>.

I’ve also added a couple of servers to the server list and a new operator to the donations list…keep ’em coming in!! That’s it for now.