I have just filled a MIA report…Where the heck has Epicenter, Hellcat, Shark disappeared to, for starters. I know Fed Com hasn’t been the same or should I say a little quiet without Epi! If you find any of them, please deposit in the nearest mailbox, Stardock guarantees they will pay the postage.

Well VIVA LAS VEGAS is coming soon. If you havent made your reservations there is still time left. Many of the TW players will be there. If you can’t make Las Vegas, starting saving your pennies for the 2001 TW Convention to be held in Virginia Beach- Oct 4-6, 2001.

The HHT will be starting up soon. If you haven’t put your team in there is still time, come on this is a fun tourney with lots of fun edits. Contact Space Ghost with your team registration.

Yes folks (BIG YAWN) the WTC is still going on. We’re now at a Mexican standoff (yes I make the best Enchiladas this side of the Mississippi).

There is a cornacopia of games out there now. If you don’t see one you like, wait a few minutes another one will pop up. But seriously, its great to see so many games out there with such variety. The week of the TW Convention is also ADOPT-A-NEWBIE-WEEK, take a newbie on your corp and show them how it is done. You may be surprised and you could pick up a permanent corpie that way!