FEN had an Internet problem today and was down for a little while, knocked out most of the main TW sites, but everything is back up and running now :).A fourth team enters the Haunted Halloween Tournament! It consists of Hornet, Cyrus, Timberwolf, Buzz Lightyear, Speedy, and Bart. I’ve only heard of four of them and only seen three of those four play, so I don’t know how they’ll compare to the other teams that are currently signed up. Also, rumor has it that Rolo’s team has already disbanded before the HHT even started. Bad Girl and Guardian are no longer on the crew and rumor also has it that everyone else has gone as well! Maybe we’ll see a couple of different teams form up from the remnants of Rolo’s squad.

Looking for a new unlimited turn game with some cool edits based on Star Wars? Check out The Deep South’s Game W. The game has been packed with people since it banged yesterday…still plenty of time to get in there and have some fun!

eGroups has been a little boring lately…I have posted on there that I will not be attending the Vegas Convention this year :(. Financial situations came up and things got tight and I had to cancel my flight, etc. BUT good, news is that TWPA should be up and running sometime in the near future! More on that below in the Site Updates.

There are a lot of new TWGS systems popping up out of the blue lately. The TWGS software is a real bargain at only $80, and people seem to be buying it left and right…now everyone and their drunken uncle has a TWGS system running. I think it’s going to be hard for any to surpass those like Home Sector, Intergate, FAMENT, Frogland, Eclipse, Silver Wings, and Deep South, which seem to be the real popular ones these days.

Not much news coming from any of the major tournaments still going…WTC has been going for months upon months…BOTE for three and the Haunted Halloween Tournament is coming up soon. People are talking about the level of competition being on the line with these major games still running. Will some of the better, well-known players that are playing in BOTH of the others be involved with HHT as well? I guess we’ll see…there are still only a total of three teams signed up for HHT so far…