Looks like Rolo’s team for the HHT has a new line-up! The team now consists of Rolodex, Cruncher, Zoobar, EleqTrizi’T, Prestone, and hELLCAT. A fifth team has also signed up, General Products consisting of Kavanagh, Medusa, Nazwes Chaiwind, Adomma, Soylent Green, and Tweety. Not a bad team, some very strong players there. This should be a fun game!Looking for a new unlimited turn game with some cool edits based on Star Wars? Check out The Deep South’s Game W. The game has been packed with people since it banged on Tuesday…still plenty of time to get in there and have some fun!

Eclipse has moved! The original owner has taken it offline and it has now moved to INTERGATE. Space Ghost will still be the operator, and you can now reach it at twgs.booinc.com or the original address of eclipse.ultranet.com!