Important message regarding the TW Community, from Stonewall in the TW2002 eGroup:“I had a user hack another players computer and CBY him three times while he was online on my server. (I let him create excess accounts to talk to him to hold him online) This player is using the IP from I accidently shut down the program I was fingering him and logging him with so I dont have the complete route info. This is an overseas IP. This player says that isn’t his personal account but none the less it is a start. He ran several port scans on me, but was unable to do anything. He is also causing havoc with another server I am talking with currently. All sysops and servers please take note!


Apparently some other systems got hit as well, so operators and players alike, be on the lookout!

In other news, Timberwolf will be shutting down The Den TWGS around 10am Friday morning. The current games will be moved to other servers, players take note and keep an eye on the Den’s web site for more information.

Ditched the File Vault section for the time being…it will come back at a later time. I also added the TW League section to the web site. This page will contain news/updates, interviews, future plans, etc. for the Trade Wars League. I will be working on the content for that page today and it should be there sometime this afternoon.