-=[TWGS Update]=-
A new version of the TWGS software has been released today! Check out the TWGS Updates page or the EIS site for more information!
Nominees for the open board position at the Trade Wars League have come in! The nomination list is as follows (in alphabetical order):

Bonz, Buzz Lightyear, Capt. Quirk, Dark Helmet, EleqTrizi’T (declined nomination), Grazhoppa, Guardian, Hairball, Hekate (declined nomination), Macahan, Mojoe, and Space Ghost.

I don’t know where some of these people came from, but you know (and I know) those couple that actually have a chance at this position. There must have been some self-nomination going on here <G>. WHERE AM I?!?!
(click here for more on the Trade Wars League)

Haunted Halloween Tournament Update!
A 7th team enters the HHT!! Hailing from Silver Wings, the team consists of Xide, Trouble, The Soldier, Zentock, Aileron, and Skyliner. Only heard of Xide myself, so it’s hard to tell what this team is going to do in the game! How about you sign-up for it now and find out!