STEP BACK from Egroups…It is not safe to go in yet Mana! The Poll war is worst then Gallop could ever imagine. And there is I have more friends then you do..which in this case Eleq has a towering lead over Big D. In the famous words of Mr. Rogers…Will you be my friend?

There has been a discussion in egroups about the TW Awards. Last year Wookie took it on and brought it back to life. Many of the TW sites linked it so that all players could vote on it. So sorry to say Big D..people arent interested in your Award contest. We will wait till the annual TW Awards to come around again and then vote. Your the new kid on the block don’t try to take it all on at once.

Listen up out there…There is still time to sign up for the HHT. Six teams have entered already. Don’t miss out on a fun tourney..Send your registration into Space Ghost today.

I would like to say that I have been playing a game over at The Deep South ( and the server is pretty fast. It’s a fun game over there and very laid back. So I highly recommend you give it a try. Our TW God (Eleq for those of you who hide under rocks and have no clue who he is) has banged a couple new games at Home Sector ( and my personal favorite server) so stop by and look them over…there is a game for everyone there..nice variety Augi!