Not much to say at this point on this glorious (yet cold) Monday. Not too much activity in the TW2002 eGroup as of late. Talk about web page hits, etc. People leaving as usual, but will be back within a matter of days — they always come back (they can’t live without the irresistable charm that flows through that eGroup <G>).
A patch has been released for TWGS v1.01.36! Check out the TWGS Updates page for downloads! JP will be releasing a patch for each new revision beginning with revision 36!

Family Entertainment Network will be banging a new game this Saturday, October 14th! Only news on the settings so far is that it will be a 20,000 sector game with gold ship and alien edits! Be sure to check it out!

A sixth team has signed up for the HHT! ‘The Motley Crew’ consisting of Troll, Monkey, Lindsay, Dunbar, Havoc, and Duncan has now been thrown in the mix! Get those teams in today! The tournament starts in 23 days!!