Haunted Halloween Tournament – Only 6 days left!!! (HHT Site)Stardock Alpha-Prime has been kind enough to lift all bans from his TWGS yesterday. This gives all of you bad boys and girls that have broken his rules in the past a chance to rebuild some of your reputation. Also, congratulations go out to Abraxus for the arrival of his new baby girl!

EleqTrizi’T has posted pictures from the first annual TW Convention held in Las Vegas. Go check ’em out! Hekate has a random image viewer on her main page over at TWLINKS.COM, some of those pics are available on Eleq’s page as well.

TW League Update (https://www.twleague.com)
A new league game will begin this Saturday (Oct. 28th). Send registrations for the next game to lithe@twleague.com. The server has yet to be announced…as soon as it is, TRADEWARS.WS viewers will be among the first to know!