Well the TW2000 Convention held in Las Vegas this past weekend was a great success. After talking to Space Ghost and Eleq they both had such positive, happy and funny tales to tell. After viewing the pics (which can be seen on Eleq’s and Hekate’s pages) it makes us a little jealous that we were not there.

Poor Space Ghost tho…the first time he has left the keys since Bote started and BAM!!! he is murdered for the last time…But he did set a record for himself…I believe it was staying in a tournament for 107 days…you heard me..107 days…the guy thinks he is unstopable now..hahaha!

Yes folks, the WTC is still going on..its down to 2 corps, The Good, Bad and Indifferent (mine, curtseying)and those other guys (whispering> the huns..hopefully it will be over soon (G)

The HHT starts in 6 days and 13 teams have registered. What are you folks waiting for??? If you haven’t signed up yet, get your team together and enter. Take a look at Eleq’s page (twgs.tradewars.org) for the signup notice for HHT. That has to be his best work yet! Good job Eleq!

If any of you out there belong to E-groups you surely understand the S$%^ that has been flying around there. Thank god for filtering! I hope soon we will get back on track in there and start talking about TW again. I still am a firm believer of an unmoderated forum. Yes there should be someone to validate but that is all. Just my opinion and not that of this station!

Also, if you get a chance go read Timber’s page. I think he has finally found his nitch in life..that of a soap opera writer…its quite funny.