With all of the talk of the TW Convention 2000, I have decided to double my efforts on the TWPA project. Had I made it to the convention this past weekend I would have been able to explain my idea to the group there, but for now, I have sent out an e-mail to a couple of east coast TW players with my idea and a proposal to meet to discuss the project in more detail and to get more user input and leadership (besides myself) behind the concept of the TWPA. I will be adding more people to the contact list for the TWPA in the future once there is a firm foundation established for the association (i.e., goals, plans, etc.). Revisions, added ideas, etc. can be added from there.Some of you people are jumping way ahead of me here and it’s hard to keep up. I know there are plans for a couple of other meetings in the works across the country. I would like the TWPA to be able and help make it a constant thing.