Interesting what happens in the course of a day. I’ve made my voice known about the Tradewars egroups. If you haven’t been following, here’s a recap: original tw2002 egroups good. Egroups erupts in a flamewar a few months ago that still hasn’t stopped. Hulk unsubscribe from egroups. Hulk look for new home. Hulk finally find new home!

Today, Aitvo, created a brand new tradewars egroup with the promise,
“You won’t HAVE to set a filter in this one…” You see, this forum is moderated. A few hours after this new group was announced, John Pritchett gave the forum is blessing, so it is now The Official Tradewars 2002 egroups forum. Before you start making remarks about how “The Man” is impeding your self evolution by moderating the forum, I think you need to take a look at the policy. So go ahead and subscribe! We won’t ban you… at least not unless you start a flamewar.