That time of the year is approaching. I just wanted to give a small update to clear up any issues that have been mentioned about the awards as of late.We have put together a committee for this year’s annual awards. This committee currently consists of myself, Wookie, Hekate, Stonewall, and Guardian. We are working on adding one more member, I just need to get confirmation from that person before I make it official.

We are currently working on finalizing the award categories for this year. There *will* be new categories in addition to the categories from last year’s awards operated by Wookie. Most of these are more specific categories broken down from the previous year, making for a much larger and more elaborate awards system.

Our goal is to have the site up by mid-March to let everyone check out the categories, etc. and let everyone get some ideas of who they would like to nominate. Then shortly after we will open nominations, etc., etc.

We are just beginning committee discussions on how the awards will run this year (ie, how people will vote, nominate, etc.). Once we finalize more decisions, they will be posted!