Guardian had this to say in egroups:

At the end of today ( 2/28/01 ) at midnight … I will no longer be a member of the board for the league …. I appreciate all the people that voted for me ….  As time passed , I realized , I was the wrong person for the job . I hope the league has great success in the future . Stonewall please remove my moderation powers on egroup …

This is a great loss but Moldar suggested Space Ghost as a replacement and Hekate and I already agreed. Seems Siver Wings dont agree. They posted this on their website:

By the way, whoever it was thinking of starting a new league? I’ll back it completely if Space Ghost gets on the current league as a board member. petty they are. If Moldar didnt think SG was capable of being on the board, he would not have brought up his name in the first place. I support SG every step of the way. Sure, SG and I dont always see eye to eye, but I feel he can do a good job for the board.