I’m currently going through all of the games on Stardock BBS (with the exception of the USO Tournament) trying to find out which games are done and which are still going. Here’s my run-down as far as I can see:Game (S): Stardock Classic – Looks to me like this game is still going strong. It will remain the way it is for the time being.

Game (A): Apocalypse – This game is dead, no doubt about it. It will be removed and more than likely replaced.

Game (R): Riot – From what I gather from some of the current players in this game, it’s over as well and -=[Nav Haz Unltd.]=- has won it for the second time in a row!

Game (L): Lil’ Funky – Looks to be going still, although it seems to be slowly coming to an end. This one may be rebanged with current settings as I have had a lot of requests to keep it. 🙂

Game (B): RETRIBUTION – Looks to be coming to an end as well. I need some players to contact me about this one and let me know what’s up before I do anything with it. 😉

Game (D): Dupers’ Delight – Game looks to be dead to me. It will be replaced by another Dupe game.

Game (C): Corporation Power – Game is little over a week old, despite the number of days shown on the “V” screen within the game. It won’t be going anywhere for a while. 🙂

I need help from you, the players. Look over my list above again and let me know if you disagree with any of my decisions above. If people are still playing some of those games hardcore, they will stay. If they are over, I need to know as well so that I can decide to rebang or replace. 🙂 I appreciate any information!