It is my Pleasure to announce the 2nd Annual EIS Invitational Server Tournament.

This is an Invitational Tournament for the Servers Who Advertise thier Rebangs at EIS Classic TW Forums. The Game is meant to Reflect an Effort to balance Edits and poke holes into certain strategies and aspects of the game.
While the General Edits were Singularities there have been modifications that he cant be held responsible for. The Complete edit will be available for Download with this post.

The Game Host will be the Classictw TWGS server

The Games Moderator will be Elderprophet. All Disputes will be Judged by him in the event of Questions of Judgement His will be Final and Absolute.

This will be a last Corp Standing Game. The winners and the Server will be listed here…. for 1 year.

 The TWA can be downloaded here


1 no Duping . No playing more then 1 account . No accessing your teammates account or your enemies account,No Subs if one player activates an account that is it.If he quits for any reason including tragedy in personal life..You are down a corpy with no replacement available.No IP Proxies You can have more then one ip but they must be you not a IP proxy in a remote location. (Random dupe checks conducted by ElderProphet)

2. Bug Use is forbiden..This means GAME bug use…Spoofing a script is NOT against the rules.If you find a Bug you must report it to EleqTriziT via a PM at this website.

3.No Mega corping. Definition No Hard Sharing of Assetts ie figs/credits/ships/planets/real estate/ between 2 different server teams.No Cross podding for alignemnt points..

4.The Moderator is God and can make any controversial decisions.

Information Sharing cannot be controled and will not be Against the rules.

Teams can Enter the Tournament by having the Sysop of the Server Post thier team in this thread.

The Following Active Servers are invited Sysop battitude
Dieselstwgs Sysop SourDiesel
CoffeeMate TWGS Sysop Anubis
ICE9 Twgs Sysop V’Ger
UTW Twgs Sysop Sage
Twisted Twgs Tradewars sysop Helix
Toyland Twgs sysop T0yman
Y City Connection sysop Y City connection
TWGSGOLD.servergame sysop Rival
Runaway Proton’s TWGS sysop Runaway Proton
The Rev’s TWGS sysop The Rev
Vid’s World TWGS Sysop Vid Kid
Singularitys TWGS sysop Singularity
CSC NET TWGS sysop tbarlo
twgsdodgerbbs sysop Yop Solo sysop ph3W7 sysop ahab
The Crusty Chicken sysop The Crusty Chicken
Vulcans forge sysop Vulcan
Distinct Tradewars sysop Frugal sysop Boone
On The Haeter TWGS sysop Wifi Xeihof
Trahern’s Tavern sysop Aileron
Irish Rebel Twgs sysop Irish Rebel
IDSO twgs sysop Hooker
RiverCity Twgs sysop Promethius port 2002 sysop symbian 23 sysop EthanMay
RogueGalaxy sysop rgorion port 2002 sysop JFK
MTW sysop Commander Data port 2002 sysop susscan
BlueLobster Twgs sysop Tark
The Swamp BBS sysop Stoneslinger
Hard Galaxy Sysop Slagathor
TW3003 sysop lightfoot


Many ship and Planet edits!!! This Game will start June 1 9pm Eastern,
Game will be open till teams join then will be closed once teams are full up.
The Official Sign up page for Sysops is located here.