Greetings and Salutations Friends, Enemies, Good Traders,and Evil Do’ers Everywhere

It my Pleasure to Bring you Big Game 2010. This year there will be 3 CEO’s Space Ghost, KewlBreeze and TheButcher.

Each of us will be bringing 4 corpies for a Total of 5 people including CEO . All Other players who would like to be part of this tournament are Invited to Join the Draft Pool and be Picked in turn by the 2 Captains.

The Draft Sign up ends on 2/17 and then the Two Captains will Draft thier Team.

Sign up for the Draft here!!

The Game itself will start on 3/17 at 8PM and the game will be held at

Space Ghost’s Team Starts with 5 people Space Ghost..Xanos,,The Infamous T.R. Edwards,Helix,,and Skelletor.

KewlBreeze’s Team Starts with 5 people KewlBreeze,, Vid Kid,,ParrotHead,,Zep,,and Saarducci.

TheButchers Team Starts with 5 people TheButcher,,,Kane,,Silience,,Locutis,,And Big D

If you Sign up for the Draft you may be Drafted by and of the 3 Captains..Any Personal Issue’s Can be worked out between CEO’s by Trading.

The TWA File for this game is attached to this post

Hope to see sign ups!!!!