Greetings and Salutations To Traders and Evil’doers everywhere. It is my pleasure to present to you HHT 2010 this game will be held at telnet:// Game Start Friday October 29th at 7:30pm Eastern and it will be a 1 team vs 1 team format. Each Team will have 15 people ( hopefully ) . The two team are of course the Current Champs Team Kraaken challenged by the Team of Boo! inc. as well as friends of the corp Lead by Guest CEO Singularity.

The Settings will be 1500 turns per day and 30000 sectors 2 day turn Bank. Mbbs Gold. With many many many creative edits to both settings and Normal Game Ansi’s including various edits to in game menu’s. As these types of edits cant really be exported and because a 30000 sector game hasnt been released. I’ve given Team Kraaken their own practice game on the Classic Server And my team Also has a private game on the server.

If you would like to play please contact Singularity or Myself.(I believe Team Kraaken is Full)..It doesnt matter if you think i don’t like you or if you dont like me. Everyone is invited to participate.Training and Scriipts needed Will be provided !!

The rules have already been worked out between Responsible Parties but basically No Buy Outs and No playing more then 1 account and No Substitions once Game starts…Further No IP proxys that arent yours. You may play under multiple IP’s as long as they are YOUR ip’s.

Further Discussion about the game can be found

Game Start Friday October 29th at 7:30pm Eastern.