I want to express my views on time limits. Res Judicata thinks time limits suck. To me, if someone cannot do a 900 turn game in six hours, they have a serious time management problem.

Not all of us have 24/7 connections and the ability or know-how to run 24/7 bots.

Not all of us have the dedication or time to stay at keys to defend bases.

Not all of us have dedicated corpies to run bots or keep-alives as well. 

Many of us, like me, still play on dial up, and it burns my ass to see someone run a photon bot defending their sector. Granted, if you know that person is not at the keys, you can devise a plan to drain photons from the photon bot then commence invading, but not everyone has the skills or coordination to execute such a plan. 

I believe time limits should help put games on an even par with 24/7 players running bots and dial-up players who log in, run their turns and log out.

I believe if the BOTE had a time limit, it would be over long ago. As it is today, the BOTE is in serious danger of stalemating due to 24/7 defense bots.

For small games, time limits should be off, give players a chance to just sit and shoot the bull. But for the bigger games and popular games like, for example, TLTT’s Epoch game, I think there should be a time limit mainly to discourage defense bots and SD sitters/blockers. Player should run their turns, then run no-turn scripts like moving fighters from one planet to another or e-probe scripts, stuff like that, then log out. 

As for a claim that offline killing takes no skills, it does take skill to find and locate the person. To me, a kill is a kill and it gets the enemy a day off whether he was online or offline at the time of his demise.

And in conclusion, time limits rule, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it 🙂