Friday I’m doing some more work. More ZOC scripts might be added. Links page will be re-done to have websites broken up into different categories like corp site, TWGS site, news site, etc. I’ll be adding a USO News page. Yes while Planet TW and Guardian both will be doing USO news, I’ll also be doing my own version of the news as well. In fact, this website will have a permanent Game News page section where I’ll have news of all the games I’m currently covering/playing in. Speaking of the USO, here are a few questions about it that can only be answered at game time:

         Will Space Ghost regain his title of the “Ghost with the Most pods in the USO” or will he last long enough to give his team a fighting chance?

         Will Res Judicata CBY when one of his teammates make a mistake or will he play on and overcome the mistake by his teammate?

         Will the USO be beset by corruption enough to warrant a rebang or will it be able to be played without a rebang – the latter never have been done in past USO’s?

         Can Hardcoded handle 70+ people at once?

         Will the major bugs appear or re-appear during the course of the game? The nasty bugs have a way of coming out in the big games.

         Will a team you never heard of step forward to give the big boys a fight or will one of the favorites play up to their potential and wipe out everyone else as they promised in previous forum smack talk?

         Finally – Who will win USO 2002? – this one can be answered in Mid April.