Yeah I haven’t played in awhile, but here is an official retirement.  I hereby retire from tradewars, sure I’ll prolly be back, but I got to straighten my life out.  I now realize that life is short, in the past 4 months 2 of my best friends have died.  

Including last night.  On Monday I was in a car heading home from school with him.  The car stalled in middle of intersection, and a speeding, off duty cop car hit him going 85 mph in a 50 mph zone.  I have sustained minor injuries but unfortunately he had shattered most bones in his body, and had massive internal bleeding.  2 other friends were in the car, 1 had a broken pelvis, and the other had minor injuries. I know it wasn’t my time to go because if I had gone a few more inches forward my head would have gone right through a sharp metal pole.  I know that I have to get my life on track, it is too short to goof around.  So now I leave u, and I will probably be back in a few months, but for now PEACE OUT!

Sir Lancelot
Jay Mitchell