The Tradewars Game Server (TWGS) has finally been released! TWGS offers great performance improvements for people hosting TW games, and also gives the players the ability to set up local games to practice on! (You can even use a helper!) Currently, snail mail is the only way to register TWGS. See the TWGS site for more details. Craig Castle has also set up a webpage that discusses preformance issues which should be of intrest to people planning to host their own TWGS game.

Download TWGS:

Changes at FEN

While FEN has been the king of Tradewars for quite some time now, all empires eventually fall. Hosem has posted some unfortunate news about what’s been going on at FEN recently. Unfortunatelly, my view of where FEN is headed does not look as bright as it did before.

Tradewars Game Server Released!