The Tradewars Game Server (TWGS for short) webpage is now “up” at Unfortunatelly, The page doesn’t seem to have uploaded correctly and don’t expect for it to be fixed until John Pritchett gets back from his honeymoon. The Current release date for TWGS is December 6th.

TWAR for Windows Rev I released

Revision I is out, I suggest everyone burn your copies of Rev H as it wasn’t so stable. (I know the listing below looks bad, but I don’t have much time to work on this.)

TWAR For Windows Webpage

Murphy’s revised law: Fix one bug and cause 2 more.

This fixes the F3Trade and Mapping bugs. Most of the time was spent testing and looking into bugs users found. Some I could not emulate but the ones I could I fixed.

Fixed the Trading Routine that was determining the incorrect trade percentages when getting kicked out. It was going in the wrong direction causing more rejections.

Fixed the Resource mover when moving colonists. It was always placing them into the fuel category. A leftover from when I was debugging.

Fixed the problem in the mapper when clicking on the zoom map and causing Access Violations.

Fixed the problem with people “Killing the CIM” during transmission and creating multiple Access Violations.

The Manual Explore will now locate the closest unexplored sector and move there automatically. Explore no longer requires you to have adjacent unexplored sectors.