Tradewars Solace, a freeware helper created by Caxis, is now in Wide Beta testing. It doesn’t offer support for SLIP/PPP conections, but if your using Turbocom, it’ll work fine. Oh yea, and did I mention it’s freeware?

New bug in v3.09

A new money bug has been found in v3.09 of Tradewars Door. If 2 players are on a planet and keep hitting D, (Display Planet) the money in the citadel and the fighters being made increase every time the key is hit. Eleqtrizi’T did some testing with this bug, and found that it is a VERY slow proccess. Even with 20 million in the citadel, the credits seemed to only increase about 4 or 5 per press, so even with 5 players, it would take an incredibly long time. This is a lot diffrent than the supposed “one player making 167,000,000 credits in a couple hours.”
Thanks to The Home Sector Down

As many of you know,’s Internet tradewars game has been down for a few weeks. However, now’s Webpage has gone down. I talked to CWizard on ICQ about this, and told me he didn’t know what was wrong.