Wow, I actually got a piece of mail today. =) It concerns what’s been going on at Rippers:

From: Wade Massey

Rippers has been tarnished yes. The old TW moderators have all been bannes from Rippers. We have a new game. Just re-banged about a week ago. There is only one person with access to the setup at this time. Please recognize the change on your site. It would be very much appriciated

While it’s nice to see a good effort from them, I don’t forsee Rippers leaving the Hall of Shame anytime soon. But they do have my wishes that their past incident doesn’t happen again.

ATTAC Not dead

Looks like TWAR isn’t the only news for today. Taken from Hekate’s Website:

Nik and Earth will still be involved with [ATTAC] As part of the development team, but “Mr. X” will assume all project management duties and the role of technical lead. As a first step in the process, “Mr. X” will be looking over the code to see what can be retained, but he is looking towards at least a very significant re-write.

For the whole story, visit Hekate’s site.

Zathras finds how to get Best Port Pairs working.

Zarathos has found a way to get the Best Port Pairs finder in TWAR for Windows working properly. From Zarathos:

It appears that Best Port Pairs requires IDBAT32.DLL file to run properly. This is part of the Borland installation files.

Copy … ‘IDBAT32.DLL’ to one of the following subdirectories:

1 – c:Program FilesBorlandCommon FilesBde
2 – c:Program FilesTWAR for Windows
3 – C:WindowsSystem
4 – C:Windows

Again, you need to put IDBAT32.DLL in only ONE directory! (Your best bet is probably your Home directory for TWAR) Thanks Zarathos!
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