What’s new:
# Fixed MBBS Evil scripts. Some differences between Gold & MBBS were causing some scripts to fail. The “Q” after a transport needed the Carriage return. Thanks out to Hekate for her assistance.
# Ripped out Trigger handling routines and re-wrote to solve the “Out of Trigger Slots” error. All triggers are destroyed after any Script ends and re-initialized for the next Script.
# Found I/O Error #103 bug. A Queue in the SectorDistance Finder was set for a maximum of 3000. Way too small for a 20,000 Sector CIM.
# Using the Chat window in MBBS will now send the message immediately when “Send” button is hit while not running a script. Before the Chat windows was only working while scripts were running in MBBS mode.
# Added a check to see if the Best port file is open before Best Port reports and using the Navigator button. Some people are getting errors on “Closed Table”.
# Added a Busted Port List to the Evil Menu.
# Added a Save Size/Position to each of the forms and dialogs in TWAR. Sizes and positions are now saved.
# Fixed Zero map to use the “^” when in Gold. Cim can be run from anywhere now.
# Fixed the “List out of Bounds” error with Bookmarks. It was caused after “Reset Game” creating an Empty List.
# Fixed a bug that created an endless loop if Sectors set to 5000 and you read a sector greater than 5000 if you were in a 20,000 sector game.
# Did some Socket house keeping to close a socket before connecting to a new game. John Pritchett noticed Sockets were left open when leaving a Game using TWAR.
# Fix for Incoming Global messages on MBBS.
# Fixed the “robbed” indicator in the CIM database to display when port was last robbed. It was saving Robbed status as “Visited”. Noticed by Hekate.
# Added an “Online” indicator on status bar. Temporary for now. It will eventually display time that you are online and the Wormhole will spin when online, stop when offline.
# Fixed up the Tab control for Evil Custom dialog.
# Added Quick Trade if you are moving and at the “Stop at This Sector” prompt.