What is it with these nonstop tournaments? Ever since the first Battle of the Elite two years ago, every server known to man has had at least one “tournament.” Recently, Intergate announced it’s Summer Heat “Tournament” which suspiciously looks like a regular Tradewars game but with the word “Tournament” tacked on. Here are a few of the things planned for this gam-uh, “Tournament:”

A) Low Turns
B) there will be some heavy hitting ships in the game along with some edited planets with fast advancing citadels.

In case you haven’t played at the Home Sector since it… I don’t know… HAS BEEN ONLINE, this probably would be a new thing to you. But as far as I know, there’s only one person who hasn’t played there.

C) Backstabbing, corp jumping..etc..will be part of this game

Hell, if I wanted to experience that, I’d just play at Notorious BBS.

But unlike some people, I’m not afraid of change. Therefore, I will now say “tournament” every time instead of “game.”