r00t made an announcement that SWATH will be using DirectX for it’s graphical map. After This, every fanboy over at slashdot came over and said, “Linux rox, dood!” (If your not up to speed on your programming lingo, DirectX can only be run on Windows while OpenGL can be run on Linux and Windows. They both do practically the same thing.)

If you’ve been to the SWATH page, you probably noticed that both a Linux/Unix and Windows version are available in development. Then you’ll probably coyly walk up me while dressed in your catholic school girl outfit and ask, “Well Mr. Knight, will you take me to the prom?” After answering yes, you would then start giggling and ask, “Then Why not use OpenGL if SWATH is being made for both Linux and Windows Mr. Knight?”

Well, if you had bothered to actually read the actual page, “SWATH for Unix is purely text based.” Call me crazy, but I don’t think it will have a graphical map. Besides, programing OpenGL when you don’t know what your doing is not easy. In fact, not easy is an understatement. It’s a lot like watching Battlefield Earth 3 times in a row and then having a scientologist explain to you the cultural impact the movie will make. Besides, it’s not like you need the Quake 3 engine for a graphical map.