I guess I should explain where I’ve been the past week. I got some bad ram from one of my friends which started off the problems. I decided to install Windows 2000. With the bad ram, this ended up messing up my hard drive. Not knowing what the problem was, I figured I should back up what I can through a dos bootdisk, (I could no longer boot win98) and reformat. This took a long time, but was duable.

After reformating, I was still getting errors. Running a ramchecker, I found the bad ram and took it out. It took until just last night to get the above done and start actually loading my stuff back on. Then I found out my Ethernet card is broken. I’m currently running off a ISA card I had in my 486. Uh, someone wouldn’t happen to have an extra PCI card out there would they?

I was planning on then restoring my files only to find out that PKZIP for dos does not by default remember what directory a file was in. So I now have about 5 billion files in one directory. I was planning to post some responses I got to the helper naming scheme but since I CAN’T FIND THEM it’s a little hard. Maybe i’m just stupid. It can’t be that hard to find mail in one directory right? right??? I haven’t been this pissed off since I was forced to go see “What Women Want.”So if you sent in a response… if you sent any mail in the past few weeks, please resend. Especially those talking about the helper names. *coughcoughEarth&Maccoughcough*