Realm has been pretty busy with things like trying to find a publisher,(which just got a little harder since Sierra just signed on Dark Age Of Camelot) but managed to update with new gameplay mechanics:

Unlike a traditional RTS, Trade Wars is a tactically oriented combat game with an emphasis on player development. Players invest themselves in the advancement of their character (avatar) and the advancement of their mobile battle platform (citadel).  Players use their avatar and citadel to harvest resources, engage in battles, and make their mark on the universe.

One that caught my eye was:

the universe is populated with as many engrossing activities as possible. Players can (1) become a merchant, gathering and trading for resources and then selling them for a profit.

The only reason I stayed in Ultima Online as long as I did was because I loved that I didn’t have to dive into a dungeon to Hunt the Wumpus for cash. I could make a living by selling ingots, making scrolls, etc.

I’ve also seen a page or two stating that the release date for TW:DM has been pushed back to next year. This makes sense since the Beta period was supposed to have happened by now, which will probably happen in fall. Until then, go play some Pokemon!