The Stardock BBS, run by the Galactic Scourges, err..Overlords, Fuseblown and Eleq, promoted Big Bang Friday as 5 games to be banged. I counted 4.J) … Star Warz …Star Warz Unlimited by Res Judicata
(B) … Big J Stank’s …A take ok the Pimp Title Game
(T) … SUPATRIZIT …Re-edit for 3200 turns, ez for amacha’s
(M) … Mo’ Love …One Love has Mo’ Love after all…

That’s 4 games. I even checked the default menu for any games that was not put on the ANSI Menu. The only ones that were hidden were Game L, the One Love game, and Game R, Red Alert, both running for a while now.

Heh. And this was on the Stardock’s website: !!!!FIVE!!!!!! games this friday. One for everyone…every game meticulously cared for with loving edits. All-you-can-eat.

Well, someone must have been very hungry and ate up the 5th game..LOL