Eleq Calls it quits Some bad news on the web front. Eleqtrizi’T, the Webmaster of The Home Sector has said that he won’t be doing anything more with his webpage except for updating the bugs section. This was officially announced on The Tradewars Web Forum.This is due partially to his belief in that tradewars is dying. Perhaps I can convince him otherwise….

I got Internet again!

I think I’m getting an ISP again, so I’ll be making some of the improvements and fixes the main page needs. Active channels coming soon. 🙂

FEN to reset soon

While the current FEN game has only been running 3 weeks, it’s already won by Ripclaw and friends! The Reset has been made on short notice, although which day it is, is anyone’s guess. Someone suggested that it will be rebanged at 10am CST this saturday, while others have said it’ll be at 3:30pm Sunday. Check Family Entertainment’s forum for more information.

Pir8.net resets

Pir8.net reset it’s game this past saturday. Main change in settings is that there are ONE man corps! Werd! I’m sorry I couldn’t post this earlier, but the annoucement was made 1 day before the rebang, during Mardi Gras.