Oh my god! I finally got an ISP today. I checked the page and… OH MY GOD! I forgot a ” in one of the links in the Eleq Story, causing the entire page to scew up. It’s fixed, so you can now see the entire story of Eleq, and the rest of the stories Thursday that were left out. Sorry this happened, but Lynx doesn’t always let me see the mistakes I make. Minor changes to the page layout has also been made.

Famnet resets today!

My the time you read this, Famnet will have already been reset. Jake annouced a whole day in advance when the game would be rebanged. 🙂

My ICQ number is now available

I’ve posted my ICQ number below the main graphic up there! In case you missed it, my number is 6847556. Feel free to look me up in case you find a broken link, and if you want to just chat, that’s fine too. 🙂 Go Grab ICQ.