Merry ChristmasYea, yea, So I missed yesterday’s promised update by 2 hours. So sue me. 🙂 Since I’ll be playing with all my nice toys for a while, don’t expect news until Monday or so. I’m also leaving for Wisconsin then too, so News will also be a little skimpy. 🙁

Debute on Web Side Story

Well, we debuted on Web Side story as #945. Not bad, not good either. I had really expected worse. 🙂

CDK re-does web page

Liquid Crystal (CDK) has informed me that he has redone his The Beginner’s Guide to Trade Wars 2002. It’s mostly enchanced for Netscape v4.0, so his old page is still available at the same address. Also, CDK’s page has been asked to join the Tradewars 2002 Web Ring.