Gypsy Redesigns war room!Shockwaves Were sent through the state of Arizona Wedsday morning as The phenomenon known as “Gypsy updates page” which was first covered December 18th, reached it’s height. As reported before, This rare phenomenon which happens once every 1,000 years seems to have subsided, but not before All of Arizona was left in ruins. Besides destroying all the buildings in Arizona, it also seems to have bestowed proper grammer on Gypsy’s page.

A local Arizonian, Eleqtrizi’T, said, “It’s a good thing he overhauled it. If I saw that Javascript message and those flames one more time, I was going to scream! Excuse me now while I start re-building my house that was just destroyed.”

But seriously, Gypsy’s War room looks 1000x better than it did before, although Gypsy still has those damn flaming skulls. 🙂

Back from Vacation

Ahh, It was quite nice not to have worry about the ‘page for a while. Quite a lot has happened, so I’ll be updating all throughout today.

Rippers to Reset January 1st, Once one of the largest Tradewars BBSs that was crushed by it’s own weight, is back! It’s now telnetable only now, in the tradition of Stardock BBS, and the Sysop no longer has to worry about being an ISP.

The “Comeback game” for Rippers is slatted to begin