If any of you read egroups you will see the race is on to see who can bang the most games in a week. Now the long standing title has always been held my Timberwolf but closing the gap is River Rat. So now you can go to the Timberland or the Swamp and TW yourself to death! And a BIG TW Welcome to Intergate..our long lost child has returned to the fold! Stop by and see what is going on there…just beware you don’t get a “Crunch” take out of you…

WORD OF THE DAY – Today’s word is once again from the TW archieves of Lord Chaos’ vast collection…..

DISCO’D – Disconnected at an inopportune moment, bad timing or as in a John Travolta dance Step.

YOUR CORDIALLY INVITED!!!!  – If you don’t already know Eleq is getting married! He is taking down his server starting Thursday night and will bring it back up the following Thursday when he returns from his Honeymoon. Now for the good news…Eleq feels so bad that he has to take down the server that he wants all of us to join him on his honeymoon! Since none of us will have anything to do with the server being down…he felt it was the least he could offer. Contact Eleq at the Honeymoon Suite in Vegas and let him know if you will be joining him and Monica for the Honeymoon.
All reservations must be into Eleq no later then Wednesday Evening.

WORD OF THE DAY!  – Today’s word of the day is a combined effort of Lady Ice and Lord Chaos.

SELF-HAZARDIZATION…Running in to a Level 3 or above planet and blowing ones self to pieces..Example: Morpheus should have stopped for that RED light!