Let’s see what is going on in the life of TW.

Eleq got married and is now on his honeymoon trying to making little jolts of eleqrtizi’t!

Hekate’s TW School is now in session! Open house will be next week and current students will be displaying their mapping skills in crayola. Seriously if your a new player and need help learning the game Hekate is more then willing to help you. Applications can be picked up at library or police station!

Guardian is going on an Excellent Adventure! He is moving to Virginia next Saturday so he can hang out at Hooters with SG. They keep saying they go there for the WINGS! And all this time I thought it was for the potato skins… or some type of SKIN!…Go Figure!

Lots of games rebanging around the universe…Read Egroups I am sure you can find one to your liking.

The people playing in the WTC I hear are going thru withdrawls with everyone on their WTC Honeymoon for a week. Thursday will be here before you know it!

I am still looking for interesting TW words…send them to me at Barbcruz@home.com